Who to Volunteer With in Moore Ok

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted....

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted….

Currently right at this moment Moore Oklahoma is swamped with volunteers. Some are coming so they can say they have been in a disaster zone. Some are doing it for looks. Some want to truly want to help the survivors. There are people who come help out at the very beginning but the enthusiasm will taper off.

Please remember when bringing youth into this type of scenario the work is difficult and it is hard for them to see. Remember 10th grade and above may volunteer. Remember to go through one of the volunteer organizations or through your sister church in Moore if need be.

We also have to go through certain places in order to volunteer.

Here are a few organizations to volunteer through:

1. Samaritan’s Purse

2. American Red Cross (donation only)

3. Convoy of Hope

4. Through Your Local Churches denomination if you have a sister church in Moore Ok

5. Salvation Army (Donation Only!!!)

I am getting the word out about where to go to volunteer not setting them up whatsoever. I am a Joplin Survivor who is just sharing what needs to get out and where to go for volunteering.

Please get in contact with one of the organizations above. They will let you know their qualifications for what they need and everything else.

Information for Moore OK volunteers:


(Above post is only for Informational purposes only)


(Much needed information about volunteering in Moore OK, what to bring – extra stuff-Not in setting up a group at all)