Information for Moore,Ok Volunteers

How to be A helpful  Volunteer to survivors!

How to be A helpful Volunteer to survivors!

#1) When you think you have enough sunscreen, pick up another case of it. While working in the tornado zone what trees are left have no branches, leaves, or even bark and the structures are not there so there will not be much protection from the sun.

#2)Take water. As in Joplin I am sure 5 boat loads are in route but you never know.

#3) Know your limitations. This is a must know because it will involve your health. Find something you can do. My husband and I would love to be out in ground zero but that is not where we need to be….

#4) Get a tetanus shot. If not you will be given one while working. I guarantee it. You will be given a shot in ground zero whether you want it or not. It will BE REQUIRED! (sorry for yelling and screaming)

# 5) Wear thick soled shoes so when you step on nails (and you will), they won’t pierce your feet! Not having thick soled shoes will put you in danger of infection…and then you will need antibiotics and a tetanus shot…

 #6) Wear long sleeve clothing because the insulation will bother your skin…Besides it burning your skin, and the sun with no trees.

But of all else, be safe while out in ground zero. The survivors are just picking up their lives. We are their shoulders to cry on and love them.

Here is advice from my mama:

What do the people in Moore need? They need a quiet place to go, it’s hard with no home to find that place. They need restful sleep, which comes from one’s own bed, with one’s own pillow, with familiar noises. They need help to have a regular schedule for eating meals. They need a ready ear, even if they say the same thing over and over again. Respond with grace when they ask the same question again. Pray peaceful rest, hopeful hearts and that they can fully trust God to carry them and supply for them. Pray they can have minds to think. So much goes into deciding what is worth cleaning, where can one can even put them, and the inventory for insurance is beyond their abilities to think. Join them in their search. If you ask what you can do, they will probably say “I don’t know”. Don’t wait for them to call when you offer, they may not remember or even know when they need help. If you know they are searching, just join them. Hold them, love them and pray for them.

THanks to the two people for helping me with this idea for this note. This is very helpful in what needs to be done for the disaster relief in Moore Ok…

From Joplin Missouri:

This is 26th street, facing westward toward Kansas.

This is 26th street, facing westward toward Kansas.

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