Ways to Help and Pray for Moore OK — Updated Information!!!

Pray for Moore OK

We have all just heard how horrendous the EF5 tornado took out Moore Ok, and I know what it is like. The pictures are something you cannot seem to grasp or understand. When I write ground zero (what I called it here in Joplin) it was that.

Here is their 31 Days of Moore Ok:

31 Days of Prayer for Moore Ok2

Now there are many places you can donate through, and many of them have now dispatched to Moore Oklahoma, and instead of placing them here one by one. It is easier to have them on one document sheet (2 pages – sorry 😦 — so many ways to help)

Here is the New and Updated List For Moore Ok…

Helpful Information about Donation

This is only the beginning in ways to help. There will be more ways to help them in the upcoming months. Yes, right now we need to hold tight. Very tight, because the professionals need to do their job and they absolutely cannot do their job with us trying to get into ground zero. This area will also be very very very busy. It will be like a beehive that will not be quiet.

Remember these families who have lost loved ones, and children. It is hard to grasp, but we need to be their shoulders to cry up, and to listen to them. Listening is one of the best things for them right now.

I know this for a fact. Love them, hold them up in prayer and be there for them.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted....

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted….