Mother’s Day

Mother’s day for many is being with your children, and yet some of us have a blended family. Some of us do not get a chance to spend Mother’s day with our stepchildren, but get a day to celebrate with our husbands. Many also know that step-moms/step-dads are more-so int the background, but we are also very ever-present with our stepchildren. We are molding them too. Some of us constantly praying for them (I know I am for sure).

Yes, Mother’s day is heart wrenching for those who absolutely are desiring for a child who cannot have a child. A child they may never be able to due to circumstances. These couples need to know that they are not alone. God has a plan for them. He knows their hurt and their pain. He sees them and is walking beside them. God is there beside you no matter what. Children maybe your desire, but what the journey is for you to depend on God during these trying circumstances.

Encouraging Words for the Brokenhearted

Take a moment pray and allow God to envelope you with His love. Pray and meditate on His Word. Let Him be the focus of your time during these trying time. Let Him guide you in all the decisions you and your spouse make. Let God know he is Number 1, and he is beside you.

Stepparents especially stepmoms, allow God to direct you on these days, allow him to develope you into the parent He wants us to become.

Tricia Writes the truth about Divorce

Tricia Writes the truth about Divorce


Lead your family Like Jesus - Tricia Goyer and Phil Hodges

Lead your family Like Jesus – Tricia Goyer and Phil Hodges

So for those who struggle I hope Tricia Goyer ‘s Advice helps and those who are struggling with infertlity may they be blessed with children.

Merciful Mondays


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