Hard Days and Nights ahead for Survivors

Southwest View of Home

Southwest View of Home

Some many times I wondered why I started this blog about coming out and healing from a survivors perspective. And God is slowly showing me how He is using this blog to reach out and help the survivors in Moore, OK. Sometimes it takes the perspective of one survivor to reach out to others. Sometimes it is in a job loss to bring out what God truly wants, when I was unable to focus on my writing and Now he is letting me focus more on it. Enough ramblings about it. 

Surviving a disaster such as a tornado is truly nothing new in the plain states here. We have always been quite aware of them since I was a child. But then the inevitable happens. The loss of everything. The loss of routine, the loss of lives, the loss of toys, loss of homes, loss of cars. This list can go and will go on. 

Being with a survivor day in and day out, is very helpful. Walking through the debris and finding what precious little you can find with them. Yet being the shoulder to cry on, to laugh when you find something that isn’t yours, such as a Missouri t-shirt, k-state socks and a chair that wasn’t ours. 

Many times we also are used to the same sheets, pillow, afghan given to us. We think it is now gone. They survivors need many same things they were used to. Sometimes it is finding out what a child needs to sleep with, a special stuffed animal, a special blanket, special sheets. They need quiet places to sleep, and resting for the hard days ahead. 

Meals, the survivors need nourishment. They need a regular schedule of meals to be given to them or brought to their current temporary places they are at. It is hard to eat and salvage. Nourishment to work in the debris field. Regular nourishment is much needed during this time. 

Listening ears. Listening ears are very important during this time. I know from experience that we may say the same things over and over again but let God open your heart and what He needs you to do during this time. He will guide you in it. 

When I don’t Know is the Answer. Sometimes you will wonder what they need and they say I don’t know. If you know something they desperately need, please let this be your gift to them. Go and get it. That night after the storm, my husband (then my boyfriend) took me to Walmart and bought me clothes. This trip I remember somewhat but have to rely on Mark and Bug to tell me the details due to the shock I was in.

31 Days of Prayer for Moore Ok2

31 Days of Prayer for Joplin Missouri

I know one of these says Joplin Missouri on it. I couldn’t fit everything I have on Moore with the items from Joplin on it. Prayer for Joplin has some more items you can pray about, and concerns Moore, OK. 

Encouraging Words for the Brokenhearted

This PDF file has scripture that was given to me by my special friends who have helped me in the days following the tornado. Many were given to me through social media. Please download this and give to survivors, because they need it. 


Joshua 1.9



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