Today as I realize we are twenty-one days away from the two year anniversary. I am ever so thankful for so many things.

1. Thankful for my husband Mark who has been by my side since before the devestating time.

2. For having my entire complete family safe and alive after such a hard horrific time.

3. For my little sister who is just precious to me. Even though our personalities are exact opposite of each other.

4. For my bug (stepdaughter) who has been such a blessing to me.

5. Thankful to God for how he kept my family safe during the storm itself

6. For a family in the church my husband & I attend – gave us permisson to be temporary residences.

7. Hope for a city, that God allowed us to gain strength and rebuild our city.

8. CupcakesbyLiz has rebuilt in a cute old-fashioned type of building. CupcakesbyLiz did my wedding cupcakes & they were so good (for not having them for at least 7 months)

9. Having aunts and uncles help my family during the process of salvaging and seeing us during this time.

10. Family who gave us donated items to live in our tempoary home – which is now in their new home.

11. Friends who went through the donated clothes to get clothes to us after losing clothes.

12. My husband Mark (boyfriend at the time) went and bought me clothes at Walmart, with his own money.

13. Mark, helped me through this entire process, through the grieving during this time.

14. Tina, at T.J. Formal, a family owned business in Joplin, who helped me find the perfect wedding gown…a gown which was worth it…and for the price I wanted

15. For God for helping me get back my sleeping rythm

16. For the families who helped our family during this time

17. For the customers who helped me get back on my feet in the times of distress. For the quilt I recevied from the Joplin’s Quilters guild.

18. For Forest Park Mission Joplin, who helped many others including my family get back on our feet, which equals getting a new memory foam mattress

19. For Samaritans Purse who helped many in the Joplin area in clean-up

20. For my BSF discussion group who continued to pray for my healing from the tornado.

21. That Saturday, was my birthday the day before, eating ribs on the back with Rose running around. Laundry room was being redone with shelves and everything. (Interestingly enough, the second rack of ribs was found in the oven the next day 🙂 )

22. Last but not least my brothers and dad playing chip the golf balls in the closets around them. They were going to try to actually to tee off the second story but decided not too….

Thanks for reading and enjoying seeing how far God has brought me along on this journey..

This journey is far from over, and I also thank God for how far he has brought me…wouldn’t change anything for the World.

A Holy Experience