Tuscaloosa, Joplin, Texas…Tornadoes

James 1.2-4

Today (27 April 2013)  is the two year anniversary of the Tuscaloosa,Alabama Tornado. 

Joplin’s two year anniversary is 22 May 2013.

When Beginning this post I thought I was only going to speak of the Tuscaloosa Tornado, but God has changed my writing plans. So here I go. 

Both Tornadoes devastated 2 cities, both cities are working to rebuild. There are still those who have been through the tornadoes who trying to find a permanent place to live. There are some who have deep emotional scars from the tornado. There are some who still have night terrors. There are children who have gone on to the Father in Heaven. There are those who are seeking God still ad-mist this time. Survivors fight for each and every day, Night if sleep patterns are off. 

We have just heard about the Texas tornadoes  the survivors needs each one of our prayers. They need love and that someone is praying for them. They need clothes, food, and shelter. Yet we need to stand with them and reach out to them as both Tuscaloosa and Joplin can. 

We are his hands and feet. We are his church who cares for others ad-mist tragedies. 

God’s Word is still very prevelant here in our lives. We need to live on His Bread and His Water. We are His people. 

I am sharing a hymn we teach the children in Bible Study Fellowship  and here it is:

I am Jesus Little Lamb, Ever glad at heart I am, For my shepherd gently guides me know my need and well provides me. loves me everyday the same even calls me by my name. 

We as his children need to remember that He knows each our names, He knows all things. 

He is our guide, and will provide for us, in every shape and form. I cannot say enough of how he will provide. He is very evident in my life.  He is here. I need to cling to him. He is my shepherd. We need to cling to him.

This reminds me so much of how Joseph Reacted in his circumstances, and how He truly depended upon God and nothing else. He was sold into slavery, He was falsely accused. He was sent to prison. He then became Pharaoh’s vizier. The thing is Joseph never gave up and  never complained. He kept holding steadfast unto the promises of God, and never let go admist his hard circumstances.

What is our response to the Texas tornadoes?

Prayer? Here is the 31 challenge for Joplin – Can also be used for Texas too I believe.

31 Days of Prayer for Joplin Missouri

what about the brokenhearted?

Encouraging Words for the Brokenhearted

Want to Help the Texas with their tornado relief efforts? Then Go to this Website:



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