Taking Cover First Time since May 2011

Tonight was the first time since May 2011, and it has been difficult for me. Yet God is still teaching me to be calm in the midst of the sirens that have gone off.
While in the midst of the storm the Word of God gripped me very quickly:

Be Still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

A reminder for me , that He has control over the weather, and he is my God despite what is going on around me. He will always be in control of our lives, and He wants it to our own good. Even last week, in BSF Leaders Meeting for the Aim of the lecture was the following:

All understand that God is Sovereign in all Circumstances.

He is Sovereign no matter what. I know that He is the Almighty God who loves us.

I am thankful that He gave me this verse to help combat the anxiety attack I have with the effects of the storm of May 2011.

Please continue to lift the Joplin Area up in prayer as we still deal with anxiety, stress of what has happened since the night of May 22,2011.

Thanks for all the prayer warriors who have been praying.


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