A New Test, Tornado Sirens Going Off In Joplin & challange of 31 days of Praying

The Joplin Tornado when it went through two years changed many peoples lives. Changed so many, so many so many lives changed, some dealt with a death in the family, some were blessed by their family being alive. Last night when the sirens went off at 1:45am in the Joplin Area for strong severe storms and yet possible tornadic activity from them. My mind immediately went to the fateful night, just a nervous wreck, hoping and pleading that I would not have to go through another night like that again. I didn’t want to drive through another disaster area again. Anxiety was high last night, but yet there was God in all this.

Yet then again, as I went to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship — BSF http://www.bsfinternational.org) the child’s lessons main truth today was God helps His People Wherever They Are. Yes this truth is so true. God always helps us wherever we are. He was there that scary night in May and last night. Yet the example of Joseph is very good for us today. He reminds us that no matter what circumstances we are in — He helps us. He always does but we need to remember to trust God.

So what will you when hard times come upon you?
The Joplin community is community that still hurts, and yes this test was a big one. It was not easy. I know I struggle with the sirens just going off during the day but yet when they went off during a severe storm, I had an anxiety attack. Ift just took me by suprise. Yes many are dealing with far more struggles and pains worse than this, but I know there are others out there.
And yet we serve a God who is always there. Always beside us, no matter where we are. He is our refuge. We are engraved on His hands. He wants us to be still. He carries us. He knows our names, our desires, our strengths. He knows what makes us tick. Yet we were created to glorify Him and not ourselves in our circumstances. We shine our light to a world in darkness. We are to shine our light to those who need him. Each time the devil throws a bad situation at someone, God wants people to draw neigh to Him. Yet some still continue to run away from him no matter what. They think they do not need him, unfortunately He is my rock, and wants me to remember that He is God, and there is no other gods. Even when you face an encounter, remember to look to the One True God, who loves you beyond belief. Even when we have times of trouble, we are to look to him.
Boston, Massachusetts and West, Texas faced a trial such as Joplin,Missouri or Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but each has managed to come through. What would God want you to do for a town that has been dealt a disaster? How will you pray for them? How will you pray for Israel within these disasters? What will you pray for? How will you lift people to the Lord who have faced disasters? Will you pray for those who face the storms? Will you pray for emotions to be fully healed in the name of Jesus? Will literally be willing to get down on your knees and pray?
Prayer changes things. I firmly believe this. Will you pray for those affected by the tornadoes of the past two years. If so how?
I put this challenge before to pray for those affected by the tornadoes. Making sure to remind you to download the 31 days of prayer for Joplin. Will do?


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