31 Days of Prayer for Joplin Missouri

Prayers for Joplin Missouri

Prayers for Joplin Missouri


The Tornado Path of May 22nd

The Tornado Path of May 22nd

Many may not realise this but as we approach the upcoming two year anniversary there are tornado survivors who need to be wrapped in prayer. After it happened, yes there are still many manhours in rebuilding homes and lives, but many still panic with the upcoming tornado season looming ahead. Many still get nightmares or just plain panic  when the sirens, and yes sometimes I have done it myself at times.
Yet the storm season is upon us in the Fourstate Area, and we are slowing preparing for any type of Tornado that could occur. The Joplin Area has had 3 huge tornadoes that have been rough.
The first one occured in May 2003 (4th) where it took out Carl Junction High School and some of Carl itself, and decimated Pierce City Missouri’s downtown. The second one occured Mother’s Day weekend – May 10th to be exact, and hit the rural southern portion south of Joplin. Killed friends of ours who were on their way to a wedding, and died trying to find shelter.
Last but not least – May 22nd at 5:41pm – where 8,000 businesses were wiped out (CupcakesbyLiz – wiped out but willing did my wedding cupcakes on Dec. 17,2011), 5,000+ homes and 161 lives were taken, which includes Will Norton and Christopher Lucas. This tornado wiped a third of Joplin off the map, and that now has lead Joplin into the 2nd city who is declining by 1.3%.
With this being said, this list is that is below, please pick one and pray for the next month. Please comment on what you are willing to pray for below. May you be blessed.

Day 1.
Pray for the families who still live in the FEMA trailers that they will be able to find low income housing to suit each of their needs. That their needs will be provided, in a miraculous way.

Day 2.
Pray for the families who have lost members in the storm, whether it is loss or a child (infant to adult), couples who lost a spouse.

Day 3.
Pray for the city officials as they continue to deal with issues that the Joplin has seen. Pray for strength to continue in decisions that need to be made whether it is for the schools, businesses and anything else.

Day 4.
Pray for those who have survived the storm. Pray for no night terrors in young children, no fear when sirens get off. Pray for the mommies and daddies to comfort them with soothing words. Trusting their children to their Lord.

Day 5.
Pray for Samaritans Purse as they bring volunteers to work on the homes going up in Ground Zero. Pray as they minister to those who have lost their homes. Also pray for the volunteers who came in the months following the storm who cleaned up in the hard months

Day 6.
Pray for Forest Park Mission Joplin, who right at the beginning stepped up and began helping the survivors rebegan their lives. They began by running 6-7 days a week, and as families were getting settled people began tapering off. Yet they are still open but helping with those who still only need it the most. Pray for discernment in making wise decisions in who actually needs the donations or who is not telling the truth.

Day 7.
Pray for the pastors who have beenn serving during this time. Pray for the strength to continue pastoring admist the recovery season after the disaster. Pray for no burnout to take place.

Day 8.
Pray for local churches who have had to rebuild after the Tornado. Pray for stength in the pastoral leadership and that their is wise discerning choices made while rebuilding. Pray for the funds to be wisely decided and appropriated in an appropriated manner.

Day 9.
Pray for the leadership in churches who have lost everything. Pray for a full recovery and burnout will not take place whatsoever. Pray for strength to continue shepherding their flocks and rebuilding their flocks.

Day 10.
Pray for the rebuilding of the schools to go smoothly, and as they rebuild, making the best decisions for the children to returning to them. Pray for the storm shelters to go in smoothly. For the children to return to those schools calmly and be abe to atten with no tears.

Day 11.
Pray for all the St. John’s employees who have gone through the storm while in the hospital. Pray for calmness as they work in the temporary hospital they are currently in. Pray for the new building of St. John’s (now Mercy) to be completed on time with no delays whatsoever.

Day 12.
Pray for the dentists who have lost their offices (32 dentists lost) during the tornado. Pray for bessings upon them and full and ample recovery of medical files to refurnishing their new offices and practices.

Day 13.
Pray for all the doctors offices who have lost everything. Pray for full ample recovery of medical files of each and every patient to be able to find their doctor.

Day 14.
Pray for the businesses who have gone through the storm, and are slowly rebuilding their business. Pray for blessings to be poured out over their businesses.

Day 15.
Pray for the parks in Joplin, as they are slowly coming back. Pray for the new trees that have been planted. Pray for families to return to the parks and for the parks to recreate good family memories.

Day 16.
Pray for the businesses that beginning to slowly comeback that their customers would return in full force, without hesitation.

Day 17.
Pray for those who live along the disaster zone, that their homes are able to be fully able to have the repairs done on their home.

Day 18.
Pray for the people who were on the edge of the storm. Pray for God to draw those to Christ who have not accepted Christ.

Day 19.
Pray for the contractors who are rebuilding homes in the disaster zone. Pray for honest dealing with those who have been without a home, and that they will be able to make right desicions to following what the homeowners want in their new homes.

Day 20.
Pray for the apartment complexes that are being rebuilt in the tornado zone. Pray for occupants to fill each apartment, and there will be provisions for the tornado shelters. Pray also for no price gouging in the apartments.

Day 21.
Pray for the minumum wage workers who are still struggling to get by in the tight economy. Pray for wise decisions to be made with their funds, and right use of them. Pray for payments on credit cards, insurance, rent to be made on time and everything.

Day 22.
The day of the tornado at 5:41pm. Pray for Joplin as we remember the Second Anniversary. Pray for calmness,.and tears to be shed in rejoiceing of loved ones who have gone on before them. Pray for those who are unsaved, pray for their salvation.

Day 23.
Pray for the unsaved employers who have relentlessy pushed their employees who truly didn’t care for the health of their employees at this time. Pray for them to seek the Lord and for the Lord to draw them neigh. Pray for their hard hearts to be soften.

Day 24.
Pray for the dust leftover from the debris field to go down. Pray for all who fight their allergies to be not as severe as they have been. For their health to be better than before.

Day 25.
Pray for the health of everyone who has been through the tornado. Pray for everyones health to not be as severe as it has been in the past.

Day 26.
Pray for downtown Joplin to rebuilt, in a way that reflects the city and reflects Christ. Pray for the right businesses to come into town and be established in Joplin.

Day 27.
Pray for Tusaloosa Alabama, for they are coming on their 2 yr anniversary also from the April 27,2011 Tornado. Pray for each of the college students who have been through it. Pray for the Crimson Tide Football Team as some of them still dealing with the effects of the tornado.

Day 28.
Pray for the organization Restore Joplin, for their efforts in giving back to the community. Pray for the right person/organization to receive the money they raised. Pray for the selling of shirts to be continued and sold.

Day 29.
Pray for the counselors who are still helping survivors sort through their feelings and are in need of someone to still talk with.

Day 30.
Pray for many of who facing surgries after the tornado. Pray for those who have had infections pray complete healings of the infections.

Day 31.
Pray for Stainglass Theatre. Pray for all those who have survived in Stainglass Theatre itself from that frightful night. Pray for those injuried while serving in the theatre that night. Pray for the families who lost loved ones in the theatre that night.

This 31 prayers as I wrote it, covering many different areas. If there is an area that you sense God is impressing upon, then follow the Lord’s direction in your prayers.

31 Days of Prayer for Joplin Missouri


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