No Compassion versus Compassion

   There are people who refuse to let you recover from a natural disaster. They want you in their world and that is it. When going into their world, work and what they wanted, was mind to be focused on what you had to do pushing aside the feelings that the storm had done. It was hard, considering what was going on in my life.

While working in retail business after the tornado, everyone was struggling to find places to live, and yet they were demanding for those of us affected by the tornado. Most of the times when I came into work they told me “I need you to get over it”. Not evn trying to help me through it. There was absolutely no compassion within the work enviroment I was in. Admist a disaster I had to sell cards despite the struggle the Joplin economy was in and make percentage no matter what. Even as the one year anniversary came I was told that the feelings from that day a year go, couldn’t fully come out. Unfortunately it was a struggle for me to deal with what I needed to do. Please allow us to speak memories we need to tell. We need still need to embrace life to its fullest and use this next anniversary of the Joplin Tornado, to celebrate.

Christ wanted us to be compassionate torward one another despite our circumstances. I knew also that if I was able to show compassion to other survivors who needed it ~ and they would eventually come back in my line. Many of these people were just trying to rebuild their lives and their daily routines. Many were talking about what they went through, and yet some were just trying to get items for their insurance companies. Many times and time again, the bookstore could not help them with their requests for what they had bought over the past years or so. They had to go to corporate, and yet my heart just broke each and every time. Yes, many were mad and irate about it, and the managers didn’t care about it. Cards were much more important than the customer service. It hurt to see others broken with their hearts.

Compassion torwards anyone is a blessing in disguise. Compassion to anyone is something worth its weight in gold. Many people made things for those in need, Dorcas made clothes for others amongst others who helped the church. Deacons were put in charge to help widows and orphans. Many things were done in the early church that have been done in today’s society. Mission Joplin, by Forest Park Baptist Church (Forest Park Baptist Church Joplin Missouri has been one of the churches who stepped up and helped the widows and orphans. They cared for the least of these. They cared with compassion those who needed help from the disaster. Yes, they even helped me when I needed things the most. A few personal items from the mission and so thankful I went and got some things I needed after a very tough day at work where I ended up almost crying. Yet the best blessing of all was the memory foam mattress I was able to pick up, and yes it was worth it.

So the question is what will your choice be? Are you choosing to be compassionate torward someone? Who will chose to show some compassion to? What do you need to do to show compassion to others? What does God want You to do?
Pray about the next step that you need to do. Pray where he wants you to help. There are many places that you can help in the disasters around the nation. Please pray for the right place to volunteer, or perhaps praying for those in which the disaster has struck. Pray for compassion for those who are going through the disasters. Pray for compassionn from employers to understand that talking helps those dealing with it. Pray for hearts to be softened through the disaster. Help the employers to know and see that those who work for them are having compassionate attitudes torward them. Life, new routines are going to be difficult especially for the survivors is going to be hard. Everyday will be difficult. Yet prayer compassion will benefit them and help them for the tests that are coming.

Pray for Tuscaloosa,Alabama, for them to rebuild, and rebuild in an amazing timespan. Pray for guidance as they rebuild. Pray for the survivors to recoup fully, and for no panicking when the sirens go off.

Pray for Joplin,Missouri, for rebuilding to go smoothly, and for the town and surrounding areas. Pray for the businesses as they rebuild and for them. Pray for the survivors as the sirens go off, pray for them not to panic in anyway shape or form.

Pray for New York and the East Coast, for the full recovery of everything. Pray for the survivors to live in a new place or for the rebuilding of their homes.

Pray for New Town Connecticut. Pray for everyone who lost a loved one. Pray for the Lord to comfort the people, and for them to be comforted by the true comforter.

Pray for those who have gone through Hurricane Isaac. Pray for recovery. Pray for strength. Pray for hope.

Pray for Boston. Pray for those who have been injuried. Pray for recovery of those who survived the blast of both bombs. Pray for those who have seen the bombs go off. Pray for hope in those have been struggling with it.

Pray for West,Texas. Pray for the homeless, pray directly for them to find homes. Pray for families who have lost everything. Pray for the children in school for the transition to be smooth and easy. Pray for the families who have lost a love one.

Yes I am hitting this topic hard. Compassion. what does it mean to you? What is the definition to you? What are you willing to do? What does God want you to do? Whose voice are you wanting to accept? Yours or Gods?

Show compassion to everyone who needs it. Yet do it with dignity and respect to them. Some may need to have a shoulder to cry, to talk things out, or just to have peace. Yet there will always be an opportunity to share the gospel. Be ready for spiritual warfare at this given time. Be ready in spirit and prayer ready for every opportunity.

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