What is Eternal?

What is eternal to you? What matters most to you?? Is it the materials of this world? What is it? Many of us prefer that the things of this world that matters and the things that draw us.

We have a special inheritance given to both of us by Heavenly Father, and we shouldn’t despise it whatsoever. We as families must pass down what is eternal. Many know that I am a torndo survivor who has survived something so horrific that it would have been difficult to recover, but God took something so horrible and made it for my good.

The house I grew up in was destroyed in the May 22nd tornado but all the stuff in it was not going to last for eternity. The stuff and items that were in the home were just stuff and again were not coming with me. My family survived and that was the blessing.

We are to pass on what is eternal to our families, which is our inheritance to pass on. Many of us know the story of Jacob and Esau in which one twin (Esau) despised his inheritance and had nothing to do with his inheritance that came along with his Godly heritage. Esau knew about God and what his father Isaac taught him, but rejected the word of God and the inheritance. Jacob his twin brother who yearned for the inheritance of what was given to his family. Yet each twin had their own personalities, one despised the inheritance and one yearned for it.

Let me remind you, the parents, Issac and Rebekah, who waited 20 years for their unique twin boys. Yet there are many things why the twins the way they have been. Yet the Lord gave a prophecy to Rebekah when she prayed while carrying her sons. Yet this will forever change the landscape of world history. World history totally changed. Two nations, one stronger than the other, older to serve the younger, and so much more. This family changed the whole world and history. Esau became the father of the edomites while jacob became the father of the Israelites the chosen people of God.

All things happen for our own good, but what we do with our inheritance matters. We can either choose to despise it or handle it with care. A care that is so much meaningful to us and everything else.

Yes I lost the house I grew up in but I remember telling a customer ” I may have lost my house but I didn’t lose my Home”. A house is nothing but tinder and boards whereas your family is everything. It is. Eternal is when we are able to see them again in heaven and to be with them eternally with God our Father.


Up above is a link from an interview with Tricia Goyer, talking about what do you treasure forever? Seriously what do you treasure forever? Your stuff or your family?

2 responses to “What is Eternal?

  1. I treasure my salvation more than anything. I cannot live without Jesus. He is my strength and my power when thing get so rough. Then is my family – nothing can replace them. After that nothing else matters but health is near the top.

    • Jane – you are right, it is one of the best things to value. Seeing how God workeked wonders in my faith…i am thinking that there is to be a part 2 for this blog

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