Awkward Moment After The Tornado


This is the book Joplin 5:41 by the Kansas City Star. Yes the home I grew up on is on pages 14-15. I had some customers come into where I work @ BAM, and they were from PA. I told them that my house was in this book, and I was then asked to sign the page where my childhood home was located. Afterwards, she then gets on the phone and called her pastor who had been in the store 3 hours prior. She proceeded to tell him “Hey There is a Joplin Tornado Suvivor here I had her sign my book, do you want her to sign yours too?” Well apparently he wanted me to sign the copy another member had.

I have no idea why this came to be whether it is a way for me to heal. Yet our Lord has a sense of humor. I am not wanting attention in a celebrity way, but this was unexpected and it was awkward in way. No I didn’t feel special or wanted special attention, I just want others to know how my whole entire family was granted mercy, love, saving us and placing all at the right spot with those who loves each of us.. There is nothing like the Lord setting things into motion and this is one of them.